One Mission

To inspire people to follow Jesus.

Two Goals

We accomplish that mission by creating environments that even unchurched people love to attend. We have two goals for each environment we create:

  1. engaging – are people enjoying the experience?
  2. helpful – are people learning & growing from the experience?

Three Relationships

These environments make it easy to grow in three vital relationships:

  • intimacy –with God
  • community – with insiders
  • influence – with outsiders

Four Things

To make this mission possible, we encourage fully-invested regular attenders to participate in four things – simple ways to partner with Lake Oconee Church:

  • invite – others to come and see
  • serve – on a volunteer team
  • give – to the mission
  • connect – in a small group

Five Ways

We take this approach because we believe that there are five ways God grows our faith:

  • practical teaching
  • personal ministry
  • providential relationships
  • private disciplines
  • pivotal circumstances

Is this different than what you’ve experienced before? We’d love to buy you a cup of coffee and answer any questions you might have. Click here to set something up.